Search ongoing for girl whose mom among 3 found dead on Kan. farm; sheriff says presumed dead

Crews on foot, horseback and all-terrain vehicles resumed their search for an 18-month-old girl who is presumed dead after the bodies of her mother and two men were found at an eastern Kansas farm.

Authorities looking for toddler Lana Bailey's remains returned to an area on Friday west of Ottawa where the other bodies were found.

The body of Lana's mother, 21-year-old Kaylie Bailey was found Monday at the farm. She had gone there to drop her daughter off for the day with her friend, 30-year-old Andrew Stout.

Friends of Stout were the ones to find the body and call 911. Authorities then found the bodies of Stout and 31-year-old Steven E. White.

A 27-year-old convicted felon has been arrested, but no charges have been filed.