Rent in North Dakota oil city exceeds New York City, Los Angeles

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A national study from an apartment renting guide shows that the North Dakota oil patch city of Williston has the highest average rent in the country.

The Williston Herald reports that Apartment Guide found that a 700-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in Williston costs an average of $2,394 a month.

The same apartment would cost $1,504 in the New York area, $1,411 in Los Angeles or $1,537 in Boston.

Williston's population has more than doubled since the 2010 Census, with estimates of more than 30,000 people within the city's limits. Demand for housing has far exceeded supply during the boom.

Apartment Guide regional sales executive Pam Winter says a lot companies in the area have long-term projects planned as long as the demand and infrastructure are there.