A New Hampshire prosecutor wants a judge to seal a statement by a 19-year-old woman at the center of a decade-old custody case who is asking to have her testimony videotaped.

Mary Nunes is expected to testify on behalf of her mother, Genevieve Kelley, who faces trial next month on charges of custodial interference and witness tampering. Prosecutors say she and her husband, Scott Kelley, left the country with their then-8-year-old daughter in 2004. Scott Kelley faces the same charges.

In a motion released Tuesday, Coos County Attorney John McCormick notes that he has made requests of Genevieve Kelley's lawyer, Alan Rosenfeld, to arrange for a court-ordered deposition of Nunes but that it hasn't happened.

Rosenfeld has said he has no way of controlling Nunes. He declined to comment Tuesday.