Police investigate 'Fight Club' at Las Vegas middle school

Cops launched an investigation last week after learning that seventh grade boys at a Las Vegas middle school had formed a "Fight Club" to stage bouts that were wagered on and recorded.

The fight club at Tarkanian Middle School has been around for a while, but the school district says it only found out about it recently, Fox 5 Las Vegas reported.

One parent wasn’t buying that.

“For the volume that these kids were screaming at (during the fights) I find it is impossible that nobody knew,” the parent told the station.

The fight club has resulted in a number of suspensions, according to the station. The parent said his son was one of the suspended students.

“I agree he messed up by videotaping it,” the man said. “But he's a 12-year-old kid, just like most of these kids there and they all just want to be cool. They want to fit in, some want to jump in the ‘ring.’ Hey that's just what kids do."

The Clark County School District Police Department is investigating the fight club. The fights were held in a bathroom during school hours.

The bouts were posted to Instagram or Snapchat and the bets on the outcomes were usually $5 to $10, The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.

Students who said they witnessed the fights said one of the fight rules barred facial blows to conceal bruises, the paper reported.

Some suspensions were for as long as 10 days, according to the Times.