Photo is said to be first great white shark off Cape Cod coast

A group dedicated to hunting sharks off the coast of Cape Cod, Mass., said it documented the first great white shark of the season.

The Cape Cod Shark Hunters spotted the shark on Thursday, reports.

The 16-foot-shark was located just north of the Chatham harbor inlet, in close proximity to popular swimming beaches, the group reported on its website.

In early June scientists received radio signals from two sharks looming of the coast of Chatham, but there were no reported sightings. The sharks, along with six others were tagged by researchers in summer 2011 to help study their migratory habits.

To add to suspicions that the fish have returned, an injured seal with large gashes on its torso was spotted floating in nearby waters. Great whites are famous for the appetite for seals.

In past years, beaches in the vicinity have been closed due to shark sightings. In 2011 there were 35 great white shark sightings off Cape Cod.

“The more tags we put out, hopefully the more we will be able to start seeing patterns and preferences in what these sharks like, and where they like to be,” John Chisolm, a shark biologist told

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