Perino: Obama's speech on immigration 'defies logic'

On Friday morning, House Speaker John Boehner delivered remarks in response to President Obama's announcement that he plans to grant "deferred action" status to two illegal immigrant groups. Boehner blasted the president, saying that his actions "deliberately sabotage any chance of enacting bipartisan reforms that he claims to seek." Also, adding that Obama is "damaging the presidency itself."

Following the speaker's address, Dana Perino appeared on "America's Newsroom" responding to the situation. She says of Obama's speech that "it defies logic, it defies fact, and it defies what the president just said 10 days ago, which is he believes that the midterm election result -- in which he was handed big losses – that that lesson was America wants Washington to work more together."

She did, however, disagree with Speaker Boehner on one point, saying that there will be legislation going forward that "could get bipartisan support."

Co-host, Bill Hemmer then asked Perino of the president's action, "what changed? And, why now?"

Perino's response: "I think the only thing that changed was a political calculation on behalf of the president."