Pennsylvania HS offers refund over Hitler, ISIS leader and Stalin quotes in yearbook

Families at one Pennsylvania high school are being offered a yearbook refund after three quotes used in the book were attributed to the head of ISIS, Hitler and Stalin.

Quaker Valley School District officials told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that, “Though the content of the quotes was reviewed thoroughly, the attributions clearly were not.”

The school district apologized to parents and called it a “regrettable mistake.” There were a total of 360 yearbooks distributed, and cost between $69 to $100.

Some of the quotes, at first glance, seem to be your run-of-the mill lines that grace the pages of a yearbook next to the photographs of students.

“Be just: the unjust never prosper. Be valiant. Keep your word, even to your enemies.” Another reads, “Words build bridges into unexplored regions.”

The quotes seem benign, but they were clearly attributed to Abu Bakr Al-baghdadi, the head of terror group ISIS, and Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, respectively. Another quote -- which appeared to be slightly more questionable -- was attributed to the late Soviet leader Joseph Stalin: “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, so why would we let them have ideas?”

It was not clear if the students or yearbook sponsor will face any punishment, the report said.