Nutribullet sued by consumers who claim product blew up; test videos show machine malfunctioning

NutriBullet, a popular blender often advertised on TV, can malfunction and explode, causing severe cuts and even knocking teeth out, according to several new lawsuits.

FOX11 LA obtained test videos from NutriBullet which appeared to show the machine exploding in different situations, and some consumers told FOX11 they were injured by using the blender. So far, 14 people have sued the company saying they were cut or burned when their NutriBullet exploded. The company has denied responsibility for the consumers’ injuries.

“As plaintiffs’ attorneys are well aware, numerous tests, including those already performed by their own experts, establish that NutriBullets cannot 'hyper-heat' room temperature ingredients and rupture in a short period of time. In fact, experts for the plaintiffs’ lawyers have testified under oath that a separation of the NutriBullet blade and cup assemblies due to a build-up of heat and pressure could only occur after 10-20 minutes of continuous use,” the company told FOX11 in a statement.

But Boris Treyzon and Doug Rochen, of Abir, Cohen, Treyzon, Salo LLP, said they have 86 pending claims against the company with “all of their clients alleging they suffered severe injuries while using the device.”

“People were coming out of every state in the country, calling saying they’ve been injured by this machine,” Treyzon told FOX11.


FOX11 obtained the alleged test videos from another lawsuit against NutriBullet by Laura Lambros, who claims her hand was severely injured after the device’s cup “popped off the base” and her pinky and ring fingers became caught in the blade.

One of the test videos showed the NutriBullet exploding after two minutes of blending. The second video showed the unit blending water for more than 10 minutes before it exploded. The third video showed the device blowing up after an unknown amount of time.

“Those tests show without any doubt that these machines explode,” Treyzon said.

“It doesn’t matter the timeframe,” Rochen said. “It should never happen.”

Michael Mori, one of Rochen’s clients who is suing NutriBullet, said he suffered “lacerations all over his hand” after his device exploded in December.

“I was blending for about 20 seconds and then it started spinning faster than usual so I went to go check on it, and when I moved my hand to go check on it, it exploded and gave me lacerations all over my hand,” Mori said.


Pictures obtained by Mori showed cuts to his hand. Following the malfunction, Mori had 33 stitches to his hand and has nerve damage as a result.

“Right here, there’s a lot of scar tissue so when I bend my finger, it actually pinches a nerve right here and then shoots pain all the way up my wrist,” he said.

Pam Richardson, an Army veteran, said she was also injured by a NutriBullet and is suing the company. In September 2016, she was blending juice in her NutriBullet and went to remove the canister from the base of the blender -- but the piece allegedly detached itself and shot itself at her face.

“I mean it literally just shot and you could hear it just like a gunshot, it had recoil and everything and it just shot me straight up in the face,” Richardson said. “This part hit here and all my teeth in the front were broken.”

Richardson said she ended up with multiple fractured teeth and suffers from dental issues following the incident.