New Mexico students vote for a Communism-themed prom

Students at a New Mexico high school voted for a Communism-themed senior prom this year -- calling the event "prom-munism."

Seniors at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School in Albuquerque voted online for this year's theme, KRQE News 13 reported.

But some students say the idea, while meant to be funny, is no laughing matter.

"I would hope Cottonwood would realize the seriousness of having a very powerful and destructive idea as the theme for a prom," one student told the station.

"While the seniors meant no harm in their choice of theme, it is not appropriate," said another.

The prom is expected to take place at the Albuquerque Aquarium on April 25. School officials have not yet approved the idea -- with some saying they are not sure what the event is supposed to look like.

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