New Jersey police rescue wandering pig, name him 'Pork Roll'

A little piggy's adventure in a Jersey Shore town over the Memorial Day weekend wound up getting him put in the back of the patrol car.

The Neptune Township Police Department posted photos to Facebook of the pig that was discovered running loose in the area of Route 33 and Route 35 by Officer Thomas Blewitt.

"Upon arrival, he found ‘Pork Roll’ running hog-wild, most likely looking for an evening coffee and donut from Dunkin Donuts," police said. "He managed to catch the well-fed hog and take him into custody for questioning and to provide him with a job application as our new mascot."

Police then took "Pork Roll" to the Monmouth County SPCA for safekeeping until he was later retrieved by his owner.

"This story has a happy ending, Pork Roll was safely picked up by his owner after enjoying a stroll around town and a ride in a patrol car," police said.

"Pork Roll" was eventually reunited with his owner.

"Pork Roll" was eventually reunited with his owner. (Neptune Township Police Department)

Authorities hope that Pork Roll's happy ending can be replicated elsewhere in the county. The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office and Monmouth County SPCA recently teamed up to introduce the Animal Cruelty Hotline where people can report animal abuse or mistreatment.


Concerned citizens can contact the hotline 24/7 to report tips at 877-898-PAWS.

"Police Officers are expected to wear many hats during their shift that go far beyond enforcing laws. Officers might need to mediate conflicts between roommates, treat patients until EMS arrives, and sometimes they even need to wrangle a pig or two," police said. "Yes, we at the Neptune Township Police Department are well aware of the irony, but this is the truth."