Negligent homicide plea for former executive after crash killed pregnant woman, fiance, fetus

The driver in a fatal crash is set to admit his botched suicide attempt ending up killing a pregnant woman and her fiance.

Robert Dellinger, a 54-year-old former Fortune 500 executive, is expected to plead guilty Thursday morning to negligent homicide for the deaths of 24-year-old Amanda Murphy and 29-year-old Jason Timmons, of Wilder, Vermont. His lawyer says he'll also plead guilty to assault for the death of the eight-month-old fetus.

Dellinger, of Sunapee, New Hampshire, initially was charged with manslaughter but that was later upped to second-degree murder. Negligent homicide, which carries up to seven years in prison, is a lesser charge. Dellinger will be sentenced later.

Dellinger told investigators he was trying to kill himself when he steered his pickup across a highway median.