Nebraska professor who allowed IV show-and-tell resigns

A professor at a Nebraska university is out of a job after she let a student jab another student with a needle during a classroom show-and-tell on how to insert an IV.

The student who volunteered to take part in the demonstration passed out and got sick after it was over, costing Suzanne Carl her position at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the Omaha World Herald reported Saturday.

Carl told the newspaper she used poor judgment and that she and the university mutually agreed she should resign.

“I took full responsibility and made sure that all the students involved were taken care of,” Carl said. “And, in taking responsibility, I left my position.”

She was an adjunct professor in the Speech Department for 10 years.

The student who gave the IV demonstration last month had training in the Army as a medic.

His volunteer was a female student in the class. She was injected intravenously with a harmless saline solution.

Carl told the paper she stopped the class after the student fainted and then dropped her off at her dorm when she felt better.

The university said it will be amending the syllabus to prohibit future IV demonstrations with needles.