Nearly 10 years later, US soldier tracks down young fan who wrote thank-you letter

A retired Army lieutenant colonel said Monday she tracked down a teenager who wrote her a thank-you letter nearly a decade ago -- because she couldn't pass up his offer of free pizza.

Sharlene Pigg, then an Army major, spoke to a large group of second-graders at Kennesaw Elementary School in Georgia in 2007 while she was on leave.

Many of the students wrote letters thanking her for speaking to them -- but Collin Martin also invited her to share a pizza at his family's restaurant upon her safe return. Martin was 8 years old at the time, Fox 5 reported.

The lieutenant colonel told "Fox & Friends" she was "very touched. And as always, it's a great inspiration."

So, she kept his letter with her through several deployments. And, when she finally returned to Kennesaw, she had her coupon ready.

Martin said seeing her again was "just an amazing experience. I never thought she'd actually come in and meet me." He told Fox News that in the decade that passed, he forgot that he'd written the letter, but still remembered her visit.

In his letter, he also revealed that he liked playing soccer and flag football. "When you get home, please come have pizza with us."

Pigg retired after 25 years of service. Cameras were recording as she walked into the pizza restaurant and shared a hug with her young fan.

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