Minnesota hunter armed with knife kills 525-pound black bear during attack

A Minnesota man managed to kill a 525-pound black bear with a knife after the injured bear attacked a group of hunters early Saturday morning.

KARE11.com reported that the group, which hunts every weekend from September to December, hit the bear with a bow and arrow earlier in the evening. But the bear was not fatally wounded. The hunters, considering the ethics and the meat, decided to track the bear, using its trail of blood as a guide.

They found the bear on the ground and assumed it was dead. But the bear, still bleeding from its wound, managed to charge at one of the hunters and mauled him.

"All of a sudden I heard him screaming," Craig Lindstrom, one of the hunters, told the news station. "Literally screaming, screaming and you knew he was being mauled."

The attacked hunter, who was not identified in the report, had a knife and was faced with few options. He began to plunge the knife into the bear about "20 times," Lindstrom told the station. The bear continued to maul the hunter's arm.

The bear died about 50 yards from where it was stabbed and it took 10 men hours to drag it back to camp, the report said. The hunter suffered two broken arms and various other wounds. He will undergo more surgery, the report said.

“We are going to mount that thing,” Lindstrom told the station. “So this will be another story. It just happens to be the biggest one.”