Michigan Girl Kicks Winning Field Goal After Being Named Homecoming Queen

A Michigan girl is wowing classmates on and off the field at her high school.

Brianna Amat, the first female to play on Pinckney High School's varsity football team, kicked a 31-yard game-winning field goal on Friday and was crowned homecoming queen during the game, MyFOXDetroit.com reports.

Amat was already a soccer star at Pinckney High. She told her soccer coach she wanted to kick footballs as well. Head football coach Dan Burholder was impressed, so he put her on the team. Friday night was Amat's biggest game against Grand Blanc, who was ranked No. 7 in the state.

Amat got a note at halftime telling her to come out of the locker room. To her surprise, she was crowned homecoming queen during the game.

With five minutes to play in the third quarter, facing a fourth and goal, Burkholder called Amat to attempt a 31-yard field goal -- a career-best distance. Amat made the kick, sending Pinckney to a 9-7 win over Grand Blanc. The crowd went nuts, but Amat says she only heard silence because she was so focused on the game. Amat plans to attend Western Michigan University and major in business advertising.

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