Mexican mom with 4 US-born kids is held in federal detention

A Mexican mother of four U.S.-born children living in Ohio is being held in federal detention in Louisiana as advocates urge that she not be deported.

The 6th U.S. Court of Appeals on Tuesday dismissed an emergency appeal by Maribel (MAHR'-uh-behl) Trujillo (TROO'-hee-yoh) Diaz (dee-AHZ'). She was moved to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's LaSalle detention center near Jena, Louisiana.

Attorney Emily Brown said Wednesday there was no word on when authorities plan to schedule deportation. She and other advocates including the Cincinnati Archdiocese say she has contributed to her church and community and no good is served by deporting her.

Trujillo Diaz has sought asylum, saying her family has been targeted by drug cartels.

Immigration officials say she entered the U.S. illegally in 2002 and has exhausted her appeals.