Massachusetts principal suspended after ‘Terminator’ spoof video

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Everett High School's principal has been suspended for two days without pay for appearing in a spoof of "The Terminator" movies that was shown to students.

The superintendent's office confirmed Tuesday that Erick Naumann as well as the teacher who made the video had received matching punishments following a closed school committee hearing Monday.

Naumann could have been fired from the school, which in a suburb of Boston.

The video shown last month as way for the new principal to introduce himself to students, shows him walking through the empty school dressed as the Arnold Schwarzenegger character.

The video was was called "The Nuamannator," reported. The video showed clips of empty hallways, classrooms  and a playground on fire. When asked about the absence of students in the movie, he says they had been "naumannated," the report said.

Some said the parody was inappropriate and too violent in light of the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Superintendent Frederick Foresteire said Naumann made a poor decision but is a good leader.

Naumann, who has apologized, was supported by many students and parents.

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