A Kentucky coroner says officials are reviewing the 2009 malnutrition death of a disabled man after his sister was charged in Michigan with locking another sibling in a closet for years.

Authorities in Corunna, Michigan, charged 44-year-old Candy Lawson last week with unlawful imprisonment, vulnerable adult abuse and embezzlement from a vulnerable adult. She pleaded not guilty. Authorities say she locked her disabled adult sister in a closet for six or seven years with little food, water or clothing and only a bucket for urination.

Shiawassee County's chief assistant prosecutor Daniel Nees said police found the disabled woman locked in a closet suffering from malnourishment and dehydration.

Franklin County, Kentucky, Coroner William Harrod says Lawson's 33-year-old disabled brother, Christopher Justin Churchill, died in Frankfort in 2009 of protein calorie malnutrition.