Madoff's Wife Blames Disgraced Financier for Son's Suicide, Author Says

His blood is on his father's hands.

Ruth Madoff is blaming her jailed-crook husband, Bernie, for the grisly suicide of their elder son, Mark, biographer Jerry Oppenheimer told the New York Post on Sunday.

The distraught mother believes Mark "would not have died if it weren't for what [Bernie] had done," the author of "Madoff With the Money" said, quoting a family friend.

"Her wrath is aimed at her husband."

Mark Madoff, 46, hanged himself Saturday with a dog leash from a steel pipe in the living room of his SoHo loft.

The body was discovered a mere 10 feet from his sleeping 2-year-old son's bedroom, two years to the day after his disgraced father's arrest for the biggest investment fraud in US history.

Ruth is "totally disgusted with [Bernie] and blames him for her son's death. She thinks this is the end of the family," Oppenheimer said, quoting Madoff relatives and sources close to the family.

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