Los Angeles city attorney targets white supremacist gang

White supremacist gang members are facing eviction from homes where they sold guns and drugs, the Los Angeles city attorney said Tuesday.

Lawsuits targeting members of the San Fernando Valley Peckerwoods seek injunctions preventing gang members from being at two homes where they based operations that are near schools and libraries, City Attorney Mike Feuer said.

"We're fighting to prevent white supremacist gangs from threatening our neighborhoods with their toxic brew of violence, crime and hate," Feuer said in a statement.

The lawsuits don't address specific hate crimes, but photos displayed at a press conference showing a confederate flag and swastikas on walls demonstrated "tremendous potential for extremely bad acts to take place," Feuer said.

Methamphetamine and heroin were sold from a home where one of the gang members, an alleged shot caller for the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang, lived, he said.

Drugs and guns were sold at a second property in Canoga Park where one of the residents was suspected of blowing up a rival's car with a pipe bomb. No one was injured in the blast.

Gang members were already evicted from a third home.