Winners of Carnegie Hero medals awarded Wednesday:

— Bobby Joe O'Quinn III, 19, of Bude, Miss., died trying to rescue two girls, ages 9 and 7, from drowning in a lake in April 2011.

— Kirk D. Haldeman, 51, of Ligonier, Pa., and Michael J. Ledgard, of Greensburg, Pa., rescued at least eight bar customers from assault after one customer fatally shot another in July 2011.

— Andrew Ian Hull, 35, of Bethel, Conn., a nurse wounded while rescuing a woman from being assaulted by a gunman at a hospital in March 2010.

— Nicole Autilio, 36, of Saugus, Mass., and Paul Corcoran, 59, of North Andover, Mass., saved a man from drowning when a car crashed into a creek in October 2010.

— Joseph Anthony Jones, 51, of Greenfield, Ohio, saved a woman and her infant daughter from burning in a crashed vehicle in January 2011.

— Kyle D. Austin, 13, of Mattwana, Pa., drowned trying to save a friend in a river in July 2011.

— David M. Reichenberg, 50, of Spring Valley, N.Y., was electrocuted while saving a boy, 6, who was shocked by a fallen power line during a storm in August 2011.

— Trevor Fox, 32, of Chino, Calif.; Anthony V. Savedra, 33, of Wildomar, Calif.; and Timothy Elbridge West, 41, of Riverside, Calif., rescued a man from burning in a helicopter crash in March 2011.

— Sean C.M. Vorel, 27, of Bennington, Neb., helped rescue a 78-year-old man from an attacking dog in June 2011.

— Connor M. Bystrom, 22, of Holmes Beach, Fla., rescued a man from an attack by a 9-foot bull shark in September 2011.

— Edward J. Power Jr., of Everett, Mass., died trying to rescue an 80-year-old woman from her burning apartment in March 2010.

— Austin Woods Ball, 33, of River Heights, Utah, tried to save a 12-year-old girl from drowning near a river waterfall in July 2011.

— Bryan Phillip Gross, 29, of Douglas, Wyo., died trying to save a girl from drowning in a river in July 2011.

— Christine A. Marty, 21, of Sarver, Pa., rescued a 69-year-old woman from her vehicle surrounded by flood waters in August 2011.

— Mitchell Mochinski, 22, of Lester Prairie, Minn., saved an 81-year-old man from drowning in November 2010.

— Zachary Michael Mortenson, 15, of Hamilton, Ohio, saved a man from drowning in a lake in June 2011.

— Laurie Ann Eldridge, 39, of Cameron, N.Y., saved an 81-year-old woman from being struck by a train when her car stopped on the tracks in June 2011.

— Craig A. Sibley, 53, of Caledon, Ontario, and Connor Frederick Klein, 16, of Cedar Falls, Iowa, saved a 61-year-old man from drowning in the Atlantic Ocean in March 2011.


Source: Carnegie Hero Fund Commission