King of Pops Founders turn into elves to keep business going during winter

King of Pops founders Nick and Steven Carse made national headlines when the brothers' homemade popsicle business became popular across the southeast. The duo was a small business success story -- especially after Steven was laid off from his job as an AIG product analyst.

Their business plan has one flaw-- not everybody wants a popsicle in December.

“This is the next step, something to keep us busy in December and the beginning of January,” Steven Carse said, “And do something that is really positive for the community.”

They’re now not only founders of a booming business, but tree elves, too. Very simply, they will deliver a potted Leyland Cypress Christmas tree - small, medium or large. The tree is set up, lit and ready to go for Santa’s arrival.

“Some of our customers would like to keep them," Steven said. “That’s an option that they have.  Others will be donated; we will have some planting parties.”

The idea is an alternative to waiting for the winter to pass. The service it not only good for the environment, it’s local too.  The trees are brought down from Circle G Farms and Nursery outside the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta resident Caroline Tanner and her husband hired the tree elves this year. They say it’s not only convenient during a very busy time of year, but they feel good about the fact the tree will be replanted.

“It makes us feel good to support a local business such as the tree elves rather than go and cut one down, or go to Home Depot and purchase one like we have done in the past,” Tanner said. “It’s convenient; and it’s a sustainable tree so we love the idea of replanting.”

And the elves never come empty-handed.  Their famous frosty treats are also included in the delivery. Think -- egg nog, apple cider and gingerbread. Merry Christmas!