Kentucky woman drives more than 5,000 miles to fight $56 traffic ticket

A Kentucky woman drove more than 100 hours in her nearly 10-year-old car and covered 5,000 miles to fight a $56 traffic ticket.

According to, Lynda Farley, of Edmonton, was given an obstructed-view citation last year in New Jersey while she was heading home in her 2004 Nissan Quest from ceremonies in New York honoring Sept. 11 victims.


Farley’s minivan, which she calls the “Liberty Van,” is plastered with political signs and trinkets. There are anti-Obama messages on the van and posters on the vehicle call for smoking bans; the latter stance has given Farley her “Smoking Granny” moniker.

The only spaces on the van without some sort of message are the windows and windshield.

Farley says she has a right to her opinion.

"If that isn't freedom of speech, we have no such thing," Farley, a gun rights advocate, told "Besides that, my heart and soul is in it and I will defend that to death."

And defend she did.

On Tuesday, a judge pointed out the vehicle’s blind spots and lack of view out the rear-view mirror. But the judge said a string of flowers bordering the windshield hadn't unduly interfered with Farley's vision and threw out the obstructed-view citation.

Farley, 62, made the 800-mile trip four or five times in recent months from Kentucky to New Jersey to fight the ticket, registering nearly 5,000 total miles.

"If I hadn't won this appeal, I would have appealed it again," she said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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