Kansas City Police to Re-Interview Brothers of Missing Baby Lisa Irwin

Kansas City police are planning to re-interview the brothers of missing baby Lisa Irwin and take a DNA sample from them, the family's lawyer said.

Cyndy Short, a local attorney for the baby's parents, told Fox News that investigators will speak to the young brothers this week. The boys, ages 6 and 8, were first interviewed on the day that Lisa disappeared.

The interviews "will happen with ... special certified forensic interviewers who are specially trained to interview children," Short said.

The baby's mother, Deborah Bradley, told authorities she last saw 10-month-old Lisa in her crib on the night of Oct. 3. She was reported missing more than nine hours later when her father, Jeremy Irwin, returned home from work and noticed Lisa was gone. The family says Lisa, whose birthday is Nov. 11, was abducted from their home.

Police say they received at least 200 calls and a dozen tips over the weekend in the case, but so far they have only generated a string of false positives in the search for the child.

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    On Monday, new surveillance video from a gas station near Lisa's home showed a man exiting a wooded area shortly before the baby was reported missing.

    The footage shows a man dressed in white leaving the wooded area at 2:30 a.m. local time on the same night the child disappeared.

    Investigators are also hoping to re-interview Lisa's parents, but separately, according to local reports.

    A police affidavit obtained by Fox News last week showed that an FBI cadaver dog searching the home detected the scent of a human body in Bradley's bedroom. Investigators also discovered soil in the backyard that had been "recently disturbed or overturned," according to the document.

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