Infant hospitalized after mom accidentally makes formula with alcohol

A California infant was rushed to the hospital after her mother allegedly gave her baby formula made with alcohol.

Tressie Piggee, the mother of 26-year-old Iesha Hill, tells Fox 40 her daughter accidentally made her 5-month-old daughter a bottle of formula using a water bottle filled with alcohol. She says Hill did not realize the liquid was alcohol until it was too late.

Police arrested Hill on child abuse charges after she brought the baby to the hospital, but the charges were dropped at a Tuesday court appearance. The San Joaquin District Attorney's Office said the case didn't meet the "legal elements" needed for a felony child endangerment charge, according to Fox 40.

Piggee says her daughter should not have been arrested because the incident was an accident.

"We feel bad for the baby because she’s up there suffering right now because of our mistakes," Piggee told Fox 40.

The family says the child is expected to make a full recovery.

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