Comedian Jon Stewart has been known to get himself in hot water for segments on his "Daily Show," and now an Illinois teacher has found himself in trouble for showing segments of the Comedy Central show in his classroom.

Eureka High School teacher Rhett Felix was suspended for six days after parents complained when he showed parts of the show to their children in the town in downstate Illinois, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The segments featured sexual harassment allegations facing Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain and insurance discounts being offered for exercising.

Eureka High School Superintendent Randy Crump confirmed the suspension to the newspaper but would only say Felix had violated school policy.

Eureka Mayor Scott Punke said he had supported the complaints of parents, "because of the language and the sexual overtones that were included in the show that were being shown to sophomores in high school."

"Many of the children don't even have TVs in their houses because of religious beliefs," Punke added.

"We're a very conservative community here in the city of Eureka. Certainly politics are playing a part, but my main concern is they are showing inappropriate material with language and dealing with sex to minors in a school setting."

Felix, a law and government studies teacher, may be reassigned, according to Crump.