If You Buckle Under Stress, Avoid These 10 Jobs

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If you’re not into high stakes situations with urgent deadlines -- or life-and-death thrown in your way -- steer clear of these 20 jobs that were rated as the highest stress jobs in the United States using a “stress tolerance” score between 1 and 100 from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), a U.S. Department of Labor database, reports Business Insider.

The stress tolerance score is a measure of the level of criticism a worker must endure on the job and how effectively a worker must deal with stress. (A score of 100 is the highest need for stress tolerance.)

Some surprising ones on the list? Dancers, phlebotomists (those people who wear white coats and draw blood) and education administrators for preschool and childcare centers.

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Check out the above video to see the jobs that made the cut.