Hurricane Isaac once again unearths Alabama shipwreck

Visitors are once again flocking to the Alabama coast to view a 150-foot mystery ship that is uncovered every few years when a hurricane tears through the area. reports Hurricane Isaac has uncovered the remains of the ship, which is thought to be an early 20th century vessel named The Rachael that ran aground, in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

The station reports that according to the Alabama Historical Commission, the ship is believed to have ran into rough waters while carrying timber in 1930. Archeologist Amanda Hill tells the station that according to interviews with witnesses, the ship was looted of its cargo and set on fire.

The ship was last seen after Hurricane Ike in 2008, though it had been seen many times prior. It was originally believed to date back to the Civil War, but those rumors were laid to rest after it was studied in 2008 and found to have many details that date closer to the early 20th century. The Rachael is believed to have been built in 1919.

Also in 2008, the Alabama Historical Commission considered digging up the remains and moving them to a museum. However, since the remains are on private property, the property owners would be forced to foot the bill for the excavation.

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