I strongly advise developing a business plan with new goals every year. A plan is often elicits the massive action required to kick-start the metamorphosis from dream to goal.

The power of momentum is one of the least utilized factors that can ensure the success of a business plan. Think of dominoes falling in a row or the giant flywheel referenced in Good to Great by Jim Collins. This “power” is a reality one should never undervalue. Imagine entering the New Year with four months’ worth of momentum. The difference: gigantic. The key: start now.

Here are four ways to create momentum for 2016 today:

1. Create your 2016 business plan now.

Give yourself four cheat months from September through December to build momentum for 2016. Imagine the difference you’d feel if you had an extra four months of workouts and proper eating habits before tackling your new, ambitious fitness goal. You would begin your program feeling more confident and that much closer to success. Business is no different. Create the right habits in the final months of 2015 to hit the ground running come January.

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2. Allow yourself to dream.

Before a goal can become an action-driven plan, it must start with an idea or vision. A pivotal part of the business planning process is to dream about your objectives for the coming year and beyond. Begin with the end in mind and visualize your goal. In other words, it’s time to reverse engineer the plan.

3. Make your targets measurable.

The beautiful thing about an effective business plan is its ability to keep us on course throughout the year. By referring back to the plan frequently, we know where we’re succeeding and where we most focus increased attention. This is, of course, only possible if your objectives are clearly written out and if you’ve defined them as specific and measureable targets.

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4. Work your plan.

We all have the amazing ability to over-complicate things. Regardless of tenure or experience level, focusing on the results we want and striving to achieve these outcomes will bring success on a higher level. Everything will happen with consistent work, so start by taking action now.

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