Houston family forced to sell ‘Extreme Makeover’ home due to taxes, insurance, report says

A Texas family that received an "Extreme Makeover" home after getting hit by a Hurricane Ike is being forced to sell the home as a deep discount because taxes and the home's insurance is more than they can afford, The Houston Chronicle reported.

The Beach family said they were very happy with ABC's show but the homeowner told the paper that it's costing about $1,500 a month just on taxes and insurance. Larry Beach, who is raising four children with his wife, said "It is costing us more to live here than it would to sell it."

He said it has been a difficult decision. He is grateful that the community came together to put the house together, but the family has been trying to sell the house since February 2013. They even reduced the price from $700,000 to $535,000.

A real estate agent working with the family is hoping that an adult living facility or church considers the home due to its size.

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