Girl on Boogie Board Risked Life Trying to Save Wash. Boy

A 12-year-old girl on a boogie board risked her life to try to help a 12-year-old boy who was yanked away by a Pacific riptide and spent about 20 minutes under water.

Shanon Kissel says his daughter, Nicole, spotted Charles "Dale" Ostrander as he was struggling in the water near Long Beach, Wash., on Friday and went out to help.

Kissel says Nicole had Dale on her boogie board at one point until a wave swept him off.

The boy disappeared for about 20 minutes until rescuers found him in the water but without a pulse. He was rushed to a nearby hospital and his heart started beating.

Dale's father says it is a miracle his son survived.

Chad Onstrander told The AP, "I expected to say our goodbyes and so did my wife, and we were just prepared for that."

Dale was taken to a hospital in Portland, where he spoke his first words on Monday.

He was released from intensive care on Wednesday.