Georgia educator apologizes for offensive remarks at graduation ceremony

A Georgia principal has issued an apology for offensive remarks she made during a graduation ceremony Friday night.

Nancy Gordeuk, the principal of TNT Academy in Lilburn, got upset during the ceremony when students began to walk out of the building before the valedictorian got to give a speech. She began to yell at students and even called one man a coward.

“Look who's leaving, all the black people,” said Gordeuk, whose remarks were captured on cellphone video. There was an apology shortly after the heated remarks.

“I sincerely apologize to all the persons in attendance at the ceremony for the actions of the few causing the disturbance and for my emotional, un-called generalization of the black persons in attendance,” Gordeuk said in a statement to

“I deeply apologize for my actions made in the emotional state of trying to let this last student finish his speech.”

The valedictorian did eventually get to give his speech and closed it with, “This is a graduation we will never forget.”

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