Florida Brothers Arrested for Allegedly Playing Real-Life Game of Cops and Robbers

Two Florida brothers were arrested for allegedly cruising around in "patrol" cars complete with handcuffs, sirens and microphones to talk to misbehaving drivers – except they weren’t really cops.

Glenn, 49, and Gregory Hooper of Orange County are facing third-degree felony charges of impersonating police officers. Police say one of the suspects said he worked as a “crime watch liaison” for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, while both carried around a gun and handcuffs as part of the fake act, WFTV reports.

"He'll drive by and hit his siren or spotlight at night,” said Michael Goldman, a neighbor of the Hoopers. “I mean, I always thought he was police.”

Orange County authorities were tipped on the impersonators when a driver called them to report that Glenn tried to pull him over.

A sister of the brothers, who didn’t wanted to be identified, said they treated their impersonations as a hobby.

"Our dad was a police officer, so they just like police stuff," she said.

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