Flight with bride, groom and a dozen wedding guests delayed for 27 hours in California

A couple and over a dozen of their wedding guests are still fuming after they were delayed over 27 hours in a California airport while on their way to Hawaii.

Fox40 reports groom-to-be Chris Habr, his fiancee and their guests were stuck at a terminal at a Stockton airport for over a day after their Allegiant Air plane had a mechanical breakdown.

Habr told the station after eventually making it to Hawaii that they were given no information from the airline about their flight and if and when it would leave.

“We were sitting in an airport with no kind of information at all and my bride is bawling her eyes out because she’s afraid we’re just going to have to cancel the whole wedding,” Habr told Fox40.

Allegiant eventually told the passengers it experienced delays in getting a new plane to the airport and ready for the flight.

Habr says one of his main concerns was the lack of information they received from the airline.

“When you understand that there’s a delay you should be trying to accommodate your passengers. To take 27 and half hours to get another plane out there is ridiculous,” he said.

The couple's ceremony was not affected by the delay, as the guests and couple flew out five days before the wedding. Allegiant says it will reimburse the party for their lost night of lodging in Hawaii.

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