Father, son speed through 'hell' to escape Montana wildfire

Dramatic video shows a 70-year-old man and his son trying to drive through a wildfire in Glacier National Park in Montana.

Justin Bilton posted the video online earlier this week after their miraculous escape, ABCFoxMontana reports. On YouTube he titled the video, “That time we drove through hell in Glacier National Park (Howe Ridge).”

"Dad, if the car heats up it's going to explode," Bilton was heard saying in the video. "Oh, Jesus, God help us."

Near the end of the video, Bilton was heard asking his father what would happen if a tree fell on them.

They they were stopped by a buring tree in the road.

"We can't get out," Bilton was heard saying. "Dad, we got to get out of here."

Bilton wrote on YouTube that they were stuck at a trailhead at a dead end.

“The wildifre (sp) was between us and the only way out," he wrote. "After we reached the downed, burning tree seen at the end of the video, I had to reverse all the way back to the trailhead, where we were lucky to flag down a boat. We were rescued by two park employees and taken to safety. The car burned in the fire.”

The Howe Ridge Fire started after a lightning storm swept through the park Aug. 11, the station reported.

Bilton and his father tried to escape the next day after jumping in their rental car.

The wildfire is now estimated to be just over 4,100 acres in size and has led to evacuation orders and road closures, according to the station.

Bilton and his father were backpacking through Wyoming and Montana at the time.

"When my dad decided he was going to get out to move the burning tree I was most scared because I didn't think I could stop the stubborn old man!” Justin wrote on Facebook, according to KRTV.

“He's def cool under pressure,” he said.