Father of New Jersey autistic boy vows to release more tape of school staff abusing his son

The New Jersey dad who posted YouTube clips his autistic son recorded while being verbally abused by school staffers says he has more damning audiotape.

"I have one clip that I kept out of the public view in the beginning that I'm going to be releasing probably this week," Stuart Chaifetz, whose 10-year-old boy attends public school in Cherry Hill told Fox News Channel on Tuesday.

Because the tapes are audio only, it is unclear who exactly makes the abusive comments, including calling the boy a "bastard." A lawyer for teacher Kelly Attenburg, denied his client took part in the alleged abuse and said her voice is not on the shocking recording made inside her classroom at Horace Mann Elementary School.

"Mrs. Altenburg does not condone any such remarks detailed above and this language was not used at her direction, in her presence or with her knowledge," attorney Matthew Wieliczko said in a statement. "Mr. Chaifetz' comments to the contrary are totally inaccurate."

But Chaifetz believes the teacher was either involved or at the very least, aware, of the inappropriate comments directed at his son or made in his presence.

"This was happening all day long. Over five and a half hours," Chaifetz said, "The teacher was there and it's pretty clear that she was there and maybe participating. let's erase the 1st hour of the day, she still has a lot to answer for."

Chaifetz sent his son Akian to school wearing a recording device stashed in his pocket after becoming suspicious he was being picked on by adults overseeing the class he shares with other autistic children.

Mrs. Altenburg has been placed on paid leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation by the Cherry Hill School District.

On Thursday, a spokesman for the New Jersey Teachers Association told FoxNews.com that Altenburg was transferred to another school within the district.

"The teacher’s voice is not on that recording," NJEA spokesman Steve Wollmer said. "It’s not her voice. It’s a teacher aide and somebody else."

Chaifetz claims district officials told him a teaching assistant he identified as Jodi Sgouros was fired immediately after administrators listened to the recording in February. But he says he received no word about any punishment meted out to Altenburg.

Unsatisfied with the district's handling of the matter, Chaifetz recently went public with the tape, posting a 17-minute long video on YouTube titled "Teacher/Bully: How My Son Was Humiliated and Tormented by his Teacher and Aide." He then posted a follow-up YouTube video on Tuesday, calling out school officials for not firing Altenburg.

"The fact that the investigation is on going. The fact that she is [at home] is a vindication of what I've done," Chaifetz said, "But it's just a start."

The Associated press contributed reporting to this story.