A California family’s dog was mistakenly shot and killed by law enforcement officers who went to the wrong home Monday while responding to a domestic violence call, The Los Angeles Times reported.

The deputies reportedly arrived at the wrong home and rattled the fence to see if there were any dogs outside the home. Once inside the gate, two small dogs approached them and a larger Husky mix, the report said.

Officials from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said the deputies felt threatened and one fired at the dog named Buddy.

“The department and the officers involved in this unfortunate situation all recognize the emotional impact the loss of a family pet has on this family and we extend our deepest sympathies. The officers involved in this incident feel terrible about what occurred but felt they had no other reasonable option at the time.”

The dog was shot but did not die right away. The family members declined veterinarian intervention because they said they could not afford it. The sheriff’s office said they offered to help the family with “whatever steps.”