Families Worried Invites May Not Reach Them Before 9/11 Ceremony

Many families of 9/11 victims still have not received their invitation to attend the historic 10th anniversary ceremony at New York's new Ground Zero memorial because of a bureaucratic bungle, the New York Post reported Sunday.

About 2,800 mailings to families -- which include the numbered credentials required to gain entry to the site -- were not sent out until Monday.

The late invites have relatives furious they could be turned away or hassled during their annual pilgrimage to the hallowed ground.

For the first time, families are required to show up as a group at a specific entrance, show their numbered credential, and present photos IDs.

In the packets mailed Monday, relatives were told to check in before 6:30am, that the ceremony would begin with a moment of silence at 8:48am and that it would conclude at 1:00pm, with family members allowed to remain at the memorial plaza and reflecting pools until 4:00pm.

But many families are worried they now will not get in at all.

"The city and memorial people blew this big time," said Bill Doyle, a victims'-family spokesman who lost his son, Joseph, in the attacks. He has not received credentials at his Florida home.

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