Ex-NYPD detective on $90G disability also draws salary as security boss, report says

An ex-NYPD detective receiving $90,000-a-year in disability payments is also drawing a $50,000 salary as a U.S. Army security supervisor, The New York Daily News reported on Sunday.

Anthony Hernandez, 43, retired as a detective in January 2014, which is when he began receiving disability checks, according to records reviewed by The Daily News. But Hernandez soon began working at the Brooklyn military base in Fort Hamilton.

A source told The Daily News that New York’s Department of Investigation is looking into Hernandez, who lives on Staten Island.

“He didn’t waste any time leaving the NYPD and starting to work here,” a source said. “He supposedly has a back problem, but he’s bending down and picking up weapons, jumping in and out of his vehicle.”

Retired officers such as Hernandez, who return to a job fewer than 20 years from the day they became a cop, may be required to return to active NYPD duty if they’re found physically able, according to state law. Hernandez joined the force in September 2000, which puts him four years from that 20-year mark.

The Daily News obtained photos of Hernandez walking in a blue uniform at the base while carrying an M-4 rifle. Business cards refer to him as a security supervisor and a sergeant.

“He was required to be screened and fit [for the security job], and I don’t know how he passed if he is disabled,” a source told The Daily News.

Hernandez did not respond to The Daily News’ requests for comment.