Ex-Iowa lottery official gets 10 years in prison for trying to rig game to win $14M prize

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A former lottery security official has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for rigging a computerized Hot Lotto game in 2010 in an attempt to win a $14 million jackpot in Iowa.

Eddie Tipton, of Norwalk, never got any of the money, but a jury convicted him in July on two counts of fraud. The 52-year-old also was accused of trying to get acquaintances to cash the prize for him without revealing his identity.

During a sentencing hearing Wednesday, Judge Jeffrey Farrell told Tipton his violation of trust was the biggest factor in him receiving the maximum sentence on each count.

Prosecutors say Tipton inserted a stealth program into the computer that picks numbers for the game and then bought tickets.

Tipton is appealing and remains free on bond.