Dozens of pencils, 7 tweezers found inside inmate's 'birth canal': Georgia sheriff's office

Pencils, tweezers and hair pins were discovered inside a female inmate this week, according to a Georgia sheriff’s office.

The writing utensils were captured in a snap the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office put on Facebook Thursday.

“This morning a female inmate came to us from Emmanuel County State Pen,” the sheriff’s office said. “Per policy we searched her and pulled this out of her, uhhhh birth canal.”

Seven pairs of tweezers and bobby pins were also discovered, the office added.

In the comments section, the sheriff’s office explained how the objects may be used.

“Bobbie [sic] pins and tweezers can be improvised into tools to open handcuffs,” it explained. “Pens and pencils and markers??? Cause she could I guess.”

It also took time to respond to multiple commenters.

One person said in part, “I’ve worked around jails and prisons. I’ve never heard of a black market for pencils.” The sheriff’s office chimed in, “They are used for tattoos as well......mix the lead with spit or water, and you can knock out a prison tat.”


Another Facebook user called the post “about as inappropriate a post by a public servant as I've seen.”

“Can't please everyone,” the sheriff’s office said.

A different user asked about pencils being forbidden. The person said, “Are pencils contraband?”

“Yes, jail issue pens only...the aren't good for stabbing [sic],” the sheriff’s office answered.

A separate commenter asked about the cavity search that was performed. “Is that usually a place you search?!?!” the person said.

“Every time!!!” the sheriff’s office exclaimed.