Denver man imprisoned for decades on rape charge and awaiting release faced legal failures

A Denver man has long declared he didn't rape a woman who said his face appeared to him in a dream, but he faced repeated legal and political failures as he fought from prison to prove his innocence.

Clarence Moses-EL, who has spent more than a quarter-century behind bars, could be released in the coming days after a man convicted of two other rapes offered to clear him. A judge said this week Moses-EL likely didn't commit the crime.

A jury convicted him of the 1987 rape largely based on the testimony of the victim, who initially named the man who later confessed. Moses-EL won a legal bid for DNA testing on the evidence to clear his name, but police destroyed it before that could happen.

Lawmakers backed legislation in 2008 that would have granted him a new trial, but the governor, a former Denver prosecutor, quashed it.