Crayola announces 'bluetiful' as new crayon in 24-count box

Crayola welcomed a “bluetiful” addition to its 24-count crayon box on Thursday.

The crayon company announced the new shade of blue joining its color collection was called bluetiful. Crayola retired the color dandelion in March on National Crayon Day – the first time a color was removed and replaced since the original box was released.

Crayola teased a new blue hue shortly after National Crayon Day and created a nationwide competition to name the new color. Among the choices were blue moon Bliss, dreams come blue, reach for the stars and star spangled blue.

Bluetiful will be available in the boxes soon, though an exact release date was not given.

The blue is based on a new pigment, YinMn, that scientists at Oregon State University accidentally discovered while experimenting with materials for use in electronics.

The current 24-count Crayola box contains red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, green, violet, black, carnation pink, yellow orange, blue green, red violet, red orange, yellow green, blue violet, white, violet red, cerulean, apricot, scarlet, green yellow, indigo and gray.

The last time Crayola kicked a color to the curb was in 2003, when blizzard blue, magic mint, teal blue and mulberry were removed from the collection. The company began retiring colors in 1990 and have since placed each shade in the “Crayola Hall of Fame.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.