Co-founder of Paul Mitchell Hair-Care Products Shares Business Secrets to Becoming a Billionaire

In this video interview on Behind the Brand, John Paul Jones DeJoria of Paul Mitchell hair care fame talks about the nature of being an entrepreneur and the evolution of his various companies, which now include the Patrón Spirits Company, the House of Blues nightclub chain and most recently Rock Mobile and Aubio.

Dejoria co-founded Paul Mitchell hair-care products in 1980 on a shoestring budget. He worked in the beauty industry before that in everything from sales to marketing to education. But he says his biggest influence to become a businessman was when he was selling encyclopedias in the 1960s.

"I think the only inspiration I had at the time was going back to when I sold encyclopedias door to door in my early 20s," he says. "There was a lot of rejection -- and it's tough. But it was the same way when we tried to start a company with little to no money. It was very difficult, a lot of doors were slammed in our faces -- but we knew we had the best hair-care product."

Click play to learn more about the fascinating journey of this renowned billionaire entrepreneur.

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