Cheerleaders' protest alters homecoming football game for Pennsylvania high school

Outrage over Pennsylvania high school cheerleaders’ decisions to protest the National Anthem during a visit from military veterans forced the school to alter its homecoming game plans.

Cornell School District Superintendent Aaron Thomas told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Thursday that Friday night’s game against Shenango would be played in the afternoon and only be attended by players’ parents.

The local Veterans and Foreign Wars post provided a color guard at a Sept. 30 game. An online video of the cheerleaders’ protest at the game sparked outrage and fears of protests at Friday’s game.

Some people accused Thomas of inviting and embarrassing the VFW even though he knew of plans for the protest, which saw most cheerleaders kneel during the anthem.

But Thomas has said he heard only vague rumors of a protest planned for another game and didn't intend to embarrass the VFW.

Cornell High School had been without a football program since 2011, but recently brought it back in January.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.