Caught on video: Metal rod flies into stands at demolition derby, 3 hurt

More than trucks and drivers were banged up after a demolition derby in Heber City, Utah Saturday night.

At about 9:00 pm a truck in the Wasatch County Demolition Derby was hit and rolled on its side. When the truck rolled back down, the drive shaft snapped off and flew 30 rows deep into the bleacher section, Director of Wasatch Parks and Recreation Tom Bonner said.

The metal part that broke loose.

The metal part that broke loose. (Heber City Police Dept.)

The metal part, described as being about 3-feet long, hit fans and sent two women and a teenage boy to the hospital.

Amy Tuddenham, Heber Valley Medical Center Communications Director, confirmed the teenage boy was treated and released from the hospital later Saturday night.

A woman named Sonya Duke was also injured in the accident and was in fair condition at Heber Valley Medical Center, Tuddenham said.

One truck involved in the accident, according to police.

One truck involved in the accident, according to police. (Heber City Police Dept.)

The third victim's name has not been released but was originally sent to Heber Valley Medical Center and later transported to another hospital that has not been named, Bonner said.

The three people who were struck had injuries on their ankles, arm and neck, witnesses said.

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