California woman puts million-dollar apartment sale on hold to house wildfire victims

A California residential developer was looking for at least $1 million for her apartment until raging wildfires rampaged up and down the state.

Caryn Kramer, the owner of Blue Wave Solutions who lives in Oakland, told KTVU on Tuesday she had two offers for the apartment, but decided to put the sale on hold to help the victims of the wildfires that struck Butte County and Malibu last month. She offered her space to victims of the wildfire for free with furniture included, according to the station.

“Even if I would have sold it yesterday no one would be in it right now,” Kramer said in a Facebook post.

A father and his two sons from Calabasas were the first to move into the apartment. Then Melissa Goble, her boyfriend and his three daughters moved into the apartment. Their home was among the many that burned down when the wildfire burned through Paradise.

“We've been living here since the 25th, so the Sunday after Thanksgiving,” Goble told KTVU, adding that the hardest part has been moving around from the place-to-place.

“You move into a VRBO and a couple of days later you move to the next spot, then the next spot,” she said. “We are super thankful for Caryn for letting us find a place to just be able to breathe momentarily to pick up the pieces and find out what the next steps are going to be.”

Goble found a place to rent in Emeryville and is set to move out of Kramer’s apartment on Christmas Eve.

Kramer plans to put the apartment back on the market in January.