California Volleyball Coach Under Fire for Practice Involving Duct-Taped Mouths

Parents of volleyball players at a California high school criticized the team’s coach Tuesday after she ran the athletes through practice drills -- with their mouths duct-taped.

A spokesman from the Folsom Cordova Unified School District in Rancho Cordova confirmed that the incident happened in a practice on Friday, but said the coach intended it to be a communications exercise, Fox40 reports.

“If I did that to my child, I would be arrested with charges brought against me,” said one parent, who wished to remain unnamed, fearing the safety of her daughter’s volleyball career. “But to have a coach do it… I don’t think that’s right.”

No injuries or health problems were reported following the exercise. Shevonna Andrews remains as coach but faces a school investigation of the incident, Fox40 reports.

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