California 'Psychic' Scared Girl Into Stealing $10G in Jewelry, Police Say

A Californian "psychic" has been arrested on suspicion of telling a 12-year-old girl she would remain cursed unless she paid her a fee, causing the youngster to steal $10,000 of jewelry, the Los Angeles Times reported late Thursday night.

Jackeline Lopez, from Palmdale, Calif., 60 miles north of Los Angeles, held psychic readings in her garage with the 12-year-old and told her she could see her future.

She told the girl she was "cursed" and that "horrible things" would happen to her and her family, unless she paid a fee for Lopez to lift the curse, the Times reported.

In an attempt to raise the fee, the young girl was caught stealing around $10,000 of family jewelry, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

Lopez was arrested on suspicion of extortion.