California foster mom who adopted 6 kids feels 'blessed'

A foster mom in California -- who always envisioned herself raising boys -- took in six sisters after their biological mother determined that she could not provide for the girls.

Lacey Dunkin, 32, of Fresno, was certified as a foster parent in 2011, ABC 30 reported. She thought her prospects of receiving a child were slim because she is single, but three months later she received a call about five sisters and she said “yes, like, before she could finish talking.”

About nine months passed, and the girls were eventually returned to their biological mother. It reportedly took about one month for the biological mother to realize that she could not raise the girls and reached out to Dunkin about taking back the girls, with just one change: the woman had another baby, so could Dunkin take in six children?

Dunkin agreed to adopt all five girls in July 2013, and later also took in the biological mother's sixth child.

“I want people to know that foster children are not bad, they’re not broken,” Dunkin told Parents magazine. “Children are resilient, and want and need a loving home.”

Dunkin lives with the six children: Sophia, twins Natalie and Melanie, Kaylee, Lea and Cecily, according to The Epoch Times.

“You don’t set out to have six little girls,” Dunkin told ABC 30. “I’m glad that it happened, I’m so blessed.”